About Us

Traditional financial planning centres on product-based solutions followed by financial statements that are hard to translate into your life goals. This tends to leave individuals with a feeling of being lost, left in the dark or unsure how to plan in any detail going forward. At Chasebridge Wealth Management, our focus is on providing clarity and direction to your life through financial understanding.

Our approach

Whether it’s assessing your changing family protection needs, providing a lasting legacy to future generations, or consolidating a myriad of accumulated and confusing plans and policies, to taking overall control of your financial world and setting and achieving some serious life goals, we provide a supportive and creative environment for you to explore your current and future objectives, needs and desires.

We help identify key moments in your life and pinpoint where you are on the financial map now, and, crucially, the future route to follow in order to reach your ultimate destination. You will find the process is empowering and provides you with the confidence needed to achieve your goals at the important moments in your life and maximise your financial health and wellbeing.

Our ethics and values

We believe in people, excellent service, and providing prosperity, energy and confidence to everyone we support.

We will be true, honest, ethical and professional in the way we deal with our commitments to our team, clients, associates and our approved affiliate supplier and we strive to create rewarding and long-lasting relationships with all of the above.

We strive to achieve the highest quality service, positive communication, respect, products, and we welcome feedback with the desire to continually improve.

We work together to provide value for everyone who we deal with. Whether it is through financial gain, access to information; providing direction or giving you confidence, we will ensure your experience with us is a positive and rewarding one.

Chasebridge Wealth Management and St James’s Place

As a wealth management firm, backed by a FTSE 100 business, we’re able to bring the best of both worlds to your finances. Here’s how we do it…

Chasebridge Wealth Management
  • Regulated Financial Advisers on the Financial Conduct Authority Register
  • Full range of St James’s Place approved products 
  • Both transactional recommendations and full Financial Goal Planning 
  • Face to Face, Video and Telephone Meetings
  • Detailed explanation of financial products and no jargon, to improve understanding
  • Assessment of shortfalls, objectives, direction and what can and cannot be achieved   
  • Availability to access an adviser via email or telephone in between agreed meeting dates.
  • Administration team to gather information from existing providers and work on queries, top up and withdrawal requests, statement and tax requests and fund switches.
  • Agreed communication strategy for updates, statements, topical articles
  • Proactive communication for review dates, budget and legislation changes and economic activity 
  • Annual reviews on your holdings, circumstances, objectives and risk levels
  • Timely client events and webinars
St. James's Place
  • Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Specialists at manufacturing and selecting appropriate products from quality industry providers.
  • Holistic Financial Product and Services selection – legal, trusts, accountancy, tax discretionary fund management
  • Ongoing administration of your products and accounts
  • Quality Control on the Suitability of Advice provided
  • Day to day regulation and licensing of advisers on behalf of the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Guarantee of advice provided
  • Selection and ongoing management of the investments fund and fund managers by leading investment professionals – 63 inhouse analysts plus assistance from Stamford Associates and Redington.


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For the past twelve years I have had the privilege of Gordon Craft, director of Chasebridge Wealth Management, as my financial adviser. An agreeable and exceptionally well informed gentlemen whose recommendations and direction have more than withstood the tests of time. I trust Gordon’s judgement...

Nick Wells